Bug 0002

Memory leak in carz.pp (rob_name)
Version 0.73b
Solved in 0.73c
File car.h + carz.cpp + movie.cpp + driver.cpp
Owner Marc Gueury
Platform ALL
Impact on cars NONE
Impact on portability NONE


Problem of memory allocation of the names in carz.cpp.
Variable rob_name is allocated per car and never removed.

In car.h
struct car_ID  {     // This structure make one car different from another
   robot*  rob_ptr;        // pointer to the robot "driver" function;
   colors  paint_job;      // the nose and tail colors
   char*   bitmap_name;    // name of the bitmap to use to display the car
   char*   rob_name;       // pointer to the first character of the name string

In carz.cpp
void get_names(void)
     drivers[i].rob_name = new char[33];

In movie.cpp
VOID ReplayInit( fstream& in, int *car_count, car_ID *drivers )
 ThisCar->rob_name = (char *)malloc( (strlen(buf)+1) * sizeof(char) );
 strcpy( ThisCar->rob_name, buf );


Change of the definition of  rob_name. Both allocations are removed.

In car.h
   char   rob_name[33];       // pointer to the first character of the name string

In driver.cpp
{ Indretti,  {oGREEN,     oRED},        "bitmap/car12",  (char *)0 }
{ Indretti,  {oGREEN,     oRED},        "bitmap/car12",  0 }