Bug 0006

Rars crashes sometimes in Car::observe
Version 0.72
Solved in 0.73c
File carz.cpp
Owner Marc Gueury
Platform ALL (except Windows)
Impact on cars NONE
Impact on portability NONE


Rars crashes sometimes in carz.cpp in the line (XX).
Due to a bad line (->).

                  else  Behind_next = 0.0; // ...it is leader! :-)
               // distance to car behind:
                  if (laps < 1 ||  // not for the first lap or last car!
        ->            position[which] == car_count-out_count-1)
                     Ahead_next = 0.0;
                     Ahead_next =
        XX           SF_crossing[order[position[which]+1]][laps-1] -

I have remove out_count in this line, else it crashes in XX.


Changed the condition to:

position[which] == car_count-1