How to see the races in 3D with a 3D card and OpenGL ?

If you have a OpenGL ICD compliant card, you should do nothing
to see Rars in OpenGL with Windows 95/98/NT.

Change the OpenGL option in the starting dialog box.

OpenGL emulation

You can also use the standard emulation from Microsoft.
OpenGL is installed by default on Win95 OSR2 and WinNT 4.0.
But with Win95 OSR1, you have to install a package from
Microsoft. You can download it from

3Dfx (only)

To use OpenGL with your favorite 3Dfx card (not a OpenGL ICD card),
you need 3 files :

Put the 3 files in the directory of VC_RARS.EXE. (Debug of Release).
You can obtain these files from

Speed on my PC (Pentium 133)
with a 3D card 60    frames/sec
with the emulation from MS 0.5   frames/sec

Additional key

V     Change the view