Date: 27 Aug 00 16:31:52 CDT
From: Jorge Cervantes
To: (Rars mailing-list)
Subject: Re: [Re: Hello Again]

Tim Foden wrote:
> I think it would be interesting for authors to give a quick explanation of 
> how their robots work, and a bit of the history.  Especially the ones not 
> currently publicly available.
> ======================
> Personally I would be interested in authors quick explanations of bots like

> Bulle2, Felix15, JACOSA98 and K1999 work.
> JACOSA82 look has a very similar driving path to Sparky, but seems to be 
> let down by using circular arcs for corners?

  Although JOCOSA started its life finishing even in 2nd place, now it is out
of the points (for the first time). But JOCOSA has still some advantages over
Felix15 for example. In most random tracks Felix beats JOCOSA but in one out
of say 20 JOCOSA is faster. I have seen that when a corner is less than 90
degrees JOCOSA can take it faster. In a track that contains only 90 degree or
less curves, JOCOSA will allways beat Felix (unless passing is a factor). For
corners longer than 90 degrees JOCOSA brakes much earlier than Felix15 who
brakes very late an until the middle of every corner. JOCOSA needs to get the
right speed just before it starts to steer, loosing a lot of time.

  JOCOSA allways follows circular arcs for every corner (as you said Tim).
Some sequences of corners are still to be analyzed to make an optimal path.

  This may be (or not) a good clue for all of you.

  Greetings, Jorge.