How to use Rars on Linux

There are 2 ways to run Rars on Linux:

Rars With XWindows

After unzipping this you should find following directories with the source files:

Go in the root directory and type 'make -f makefile.x11'.

> make -f makefile.x11
> ./rars 8 80 aidelaide

To get help about rars, type

> rars -?

Rars with KDE 2

You need the following components to run the KDE 2 version of Rars on Linux
- KDE 2 + the development libraries
- QT 2.2.x + the development libraries

In short all the common packages of KDE 2, available on

The program has been developed with "KDevelop". It becomes a common part of KDE 2.1 but is installed as optional package in KDE 2.0.1.

With Kdevelop :

Without KDevelop: Good luck!


The current version 0.80 has not been tested on Dos.